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Re: Conflicts found in /proc/interrupts

I'm sorry for the late reply! Have experinced some problems with my
mail-account lately, which in this case stopped the mail I sent to arrive
at the lists-mail adress.

> Well, move the order of the cards around and resetting the BIOS resource
> config probably will help greatly. Most NICs hate to share. But then so
> do many nvidia cards.
> What kind of a motherboard do you have?

I'm not sure, bought the PC used from a friend, and didn't know either.
But I can tell you what I read directly off the board:
-Manufacturer seems to be: 'KBP.'   written with a mirrored B the . in the
end seems like a small o
-Found a number not far from 'KBP':  'FW82443BX'
-Many chips has these inscriptions on them:  'Intel PCISet' & 'Winbond'
 Searched for these strings in google, found nothing.

> Provide that and I ccould take a look at the user-guide and see if it
> has slots that WON'T share interrupts. Otherwise sometime you just have
> to work with it.

 Thanks for helping!!!!!

> BTW, all the numbers 0 - 15 are the important ones.
> --
> greg, greg@gregfolkert.net
> The technology that is
> Stronger, better, faster: Linux
Regards Vegard!!

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