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Re: Debian and Fedora on one drive?

Karoo wrote:
I recently bought a 40 GB Maxtor and loaded Fedora onto the first 20 GB,
leaving 20 GB free.
Fedora was working O.K. so I loaded Debian Sarge onto the free 20 GB. During
the Debian install Grub wanted to know where to be put (out of 3 options)
and I chose the MBR. I was hoping it wouldn't happen but of course it did,
it overwrote the Fedora bootloader.
I don't want to know how to fix this, just how does one make the install
work for two distros.

Many thanks.


I have both on the same system along with WinXP. All on the same drive. I used the same /boot and /swap (both on separate partitions) for both Fedora and Debian. This works because the kernel names used by Debian and Fedora are distinct.

In your case, I guess you need a grub entry that will point to Fedora. What I would do is, boot into Debian, then mount the other distro's partition (/boot, if it is on a separate partition), copy the relevant part of /boot/grub/menu.lst and copy that into the current (debian's) /boot/grub/menu.lst. Upon next reboot, you will see the new entry too. now, if you had separate /boot parititions for both distros, you could have used only one common /boot.

Perhaps, others may be able to help you with a more efficient method.


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