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"/etc/init.d/boot" relies on "/usr/." being mounted... "dselect" replacement team "experimental"-like distributions Re: "hello? ping! ping!", plus "my wish list", plus "democracy sucks" Re: "hello? ping! ping!", plus "my wish list", plus "democracy sucks" (fwd) /dev/ttyS? dialin/dialout and modes. 04/04/97 Install disks and /etc/shells 1.2 to 1.3 upgrade "report" 1.3 install problem 1.3 install report 1000 packages 1997-04-04 disks 1997-04-04 install disks vs. kernel-image <hamm> backwards-compatibility with libc5 [linux-security] amd 920824upl102 ignores the nodev option (fwd) `Giggle' library available for testing adding a "wordlist" virtual package Re: afterstep 0.99pre6-2 uploaded to AfterStep 1.0pre7 in bo? (Was Re: afterstep 0.99pre6-2 uploaded to Afterstep? Re: Another one... _): architecture specific upload announcements architecture-specific upload issues Are java class files allowed in /usr/doc/ ? Re: AW: Bug#8676: xautolock belongs in non-free backup program bash-isms in packages bo's "packages" file still points at "unstable"? bootable CDs Bug closing messages Bug reports and fixes should be reported upstream Re: Bug#8313: 1.2.8 installation bombs out Re: Bug#8350: vi mode in ae doesn't work (with patch) Re: Bug#8541: adduser: Cannot set shadow password Re: Bug#8884: cvs postrm trashes /etc/inetd.conf Re: Bug#9037: Kernel-source has Recommends and Suggests that don't exist Re: Bug#9252: ncsa: ncsa in bo uses ldso from unstable buildpackage as non-root (was: Re: architecture specific upload announcements) c2ps is handled by anyone? Can we upload binaries using libc6 to hamm yet? CD install of 1.3 change my login shell in Checking for corruption? Comments on copyright ! Copyright question cqcam cqcam and vic-cqcam creating `units' package Criteria for experimental uploads Critical bug: lprm fails cua devices and prospective package gpstrans Current method of adding emacs lisp stuff to site-start.el cxref-1.3 and No response from dcfgtool - another cfgtool Debian CD creation scripts Debian flies again! Debian for Power Macs. Debian mirrors Debian packages for Solaris debian-answers Re: debian-doc mailing list exists Re: Re: SCSI crashes Default environment variables, etc, for programs DEITY TEAM -- allow expansion by third parties? Re: DEITY TEAM -- REQUEST FOR FUNCTIONALITY and COMMENTS DEITY TEAM -- store and use .changes files Re: Dependency ordering Distribution on multiple CDs Re: Does anybody have mailing list archives? DOS hack done dpkg and older systems dpkg in C++? dpkg must never be in C++---Bruce, please rule on this. dpkg-gencontrol error, don't know what is it Driver for 3Com 3c905 dselect: GUI suggestions dupload problems dwww 1.4.1-1 fixes security bug dwww and external links dwww: Which is the preferred way to register? El Torito bootable floppies Elvis -- new maintainer wanted emacs problem Re: email addresses for Debian developers End of linux.* mail <-> news gateway Feature-Request list for dpkg file named 1 file table overflow: how I do fix? file-conflict bug reports First .deb packages for ppc on master. fix for Re: dpkg-gencontrol error, don't know what is it FSSTND Questions regarding /usr/{,local}/{share,libexec}/ ? FTP problems coming back up Re: fvwm2 menus burned FVWM2 menus defined out of order... Re: FYI: kernel-image-2.0.30_2.0.30-1.deb gcc problem Re: glibc A glibc patch for perl 5.003 GPL vs LGPL, Was Bug#8676 Re: GWM++ How free is free? How to get file moved from unstable to frozen. ibcs & SCO5 (II) ifmail Important: TeTeX install problem in 1.3 IMPORTANT: Unstable fixes not in frozen Re: Incoming ? initial boot setup (LILO/MBR) Re: Install report, finally Installation report: 1997-04-04 Installation test report: 1997-04-04 The last update was on 09:16 GMT Sun May 19. There are 884 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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