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Re: Distribution on multiple CDs

Brian C. White writes:
> >         Given the current growth rate of the number of packages in the
> > distribution, I think we'll soon have to split the binary distribution on
> > 2 CDs. Has something been planned to modify dpkg to handdle this?
> > (And if not, does anyone have ideas onhow implement this?)
> How big is the binary distribution right now?

Looking at my mirror:

144556  bo/binary-all
186029  bo/binary-i386
67491   rex/binary-all
150291  rex/binary-i386
13336   non-free/binary-all
43449   non-free/binary-i386
11113   contrib/binary-all
8710    contrib/binary-i386


rex			217MB
rex+non-free+contrib	293MB
bo			334MV
bo+non-free+contrib	410MB

So at the moment even all binaries fit on on CD-ROm, but I believe
the next release or at least the release after that one will have
problems with it.  For rex I had to create a second cd containing
source files.



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