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Re: FSSTND Questions regarding /usr/{,local}/{share,libexec}/ ?


On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Daniel Quinlan wrote:

> Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@rosebud.sps.queensu.ca> writes:
> > The octave package defaults to using $PREFIX/libexec for its version of the
> > info pager, and $PREFIX/share for binary-independent files (such as all the
> > matlab-alike .m files). I have two questions related to this :
> libexec and share are going to be present in the FHS.  I was planning
> on releasing it last weekend, but the disk drive on pathname.com
> crashed and I didn't get it replaced before I had to leave for
> LinuxExpo (I'm typing from my hotel room).
> In FHS, libexec should only be used for "internal binaries", share for
> architecture-independent files.
> The question as to when FHS should be used instead of FSSTND should be
> answered by Brian White.  I would recommmend that Debian begin
> transition when it gets released (Friday night or Monday night,
> probably).  If Brian wishes to, he can delegate the pathname decisions
> to me -- I'm not going to be too forceful with the new standard.

We'll have to get out 1.3 first before changing our policy! 

I'm currently restructuring our Policy Manual and I there will be some
changes introduced after the release of 1.3 (for example the handling of
upstream sources will change). So this would be a good time to introduce
the new FHS.

However, I think it would help a lot if we have access to the FHS before
that move so we get some feeling about how many packages are affected.
(Maybe there will also be other things we have to change in the policy.)



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