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ibcs & SCO5 (II)

I just found tried the following program:

#include <unistd.h>
#include <stdio.h>

    char *cwd;
    if ((cwd = getcwd(NULL, 64)) == NULL) {
    (void) printf("%s\n", cwd);
    return (0);

When I compile, link and start as ./t I get:

pwd: Function not implemented

However, when I first cd into my home dir I get and use the path from there
I get:


Strange, isn't it?

So I tried cd /home/meskes; /home/meskes/projekte/cau01b/t and got:


But with cd /home/meskes/projekte; /home/meskes/projekte/cau01b/t I still get:

pwd: Function not implemented

Does anyone have an idea?


Michael Meskes, Projekt-Manager      | meskes@topsystem.de, meskes@debian.org
topsystem Systemhaus GmbH            | Phone: (+49) 2405/4670-44
Europark A2, Adenauerstr. 20         | Fax:   (+49) 2405/4670-10
52146 Wuerselen                      | Go SF 49ers! Use Debian GNU/Linux!

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