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Re: "dselect" replacement team

On 11 Apr 1997, Mark Eichin wrote:

> > Libdb might be a good idea to implement in a cache mode, ie have status.db
> > which is a mirror of status in libdb format, then if status is changed the
> Note also that libdb has a "recno" format which is "use db for fast
> hash lookups but point to the flat file for the actual data"... which
> I haven't used, but might be interesting in this context.

The ideal database for dpkg data is a multi-teired thing (I'm not a dbase
expert so excuse the terminology ;>) We need a first teir that has a list
of all the packages and a second tier that has each of the fields in the
control file. Each package has about 8 fields that need to be stored so we
might be able to use some kind of simple binary structure inside a larger

Does anyone know a simple persistant dbase solution to a problem like


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