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Re: Bug#8884: cvs postrm trashes /etc/inetd.conf

> I made a suggestion to Ian Jackson a long time ago that would help
> solve problems like this where it was dangerous to remove or even
> upgrade an already installed package because of bad scripts.  My
> suggestion was to modify dpkg so that the maintenance scripts from the
> new or highest numbered (I'm not sure which would be best yet, but
> probably the latter) package would be used in preference to those from
> the old or lower numbered package.

How about modifying dpkg to understand a new control file header?

When upgrading a package, dpkg could look for the new control file header
in the new version of the package.  If it existed, then dpkg would use 
the scripts from the new package instead of the scripts from the 
old package.

That would give us the best of both worlds.


 - Jim

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