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Re: architecture specific upload announcements

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Christoph wrote:

> > I've been following this for awile and I haven't seen anyone deal with the
> > problem of versioning! Right now we cannot tell what compilers and
> > libraries a package needs to be able to compile. You could install
> > everything on the build machines but that causes instant problems when a
> > package needs 1.2 of a library but 1.4 is installed and they are
> > incompatible. 
> Maybe debmake's file /usr/doc/package/buildinfo.debian could give some
> hints in that respect? It includes the versions of the most important
> tools the package was built with.

Firstly I just checked and exactly 10 packages on this machine have that
file, out of about 30, so it is by no means universal. Secondly that file
is build into the .deb file while it is being built, it will not exist in
the source package.


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