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Re: End of linux.* mail <-> news gateway

On Apr 4, J.H.M.Dassen wrote
> As some of you may be aware, a number of linux mailing lists, including
> debian-user and debian-announce, were bidirectionally gatewayed to the
> linux.* news hierarchy.
[Stuff deleted]
> I think the following automated moderation strategy, which could undo the
> perceived bad effects of the gateway on the signal to noise ration, and
> which is based on the one currently used for the Debian mailing lists, could
> help to save linux.*: the first time one posts to a linux.* group from a
> certain address, the posting is not accepted. The moderatorbot sends a
> message to the address, explaining the purpose and netiquette of the list
> (e.g. linux.dev.kernel is for _kernel_ development, not general linux
> development discussions), and the user is asked to indicate agreement by
> sending an "I AGREE" message to the bot. Subsequent postings from the
> address used will be passed through automatically.

This is similar to the strategy used in rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated
(which has been remarkably successful when system crashes haven't brought
everything down).

Whoever tackles this gateway project ought to compare notes with these folks
(the moderation address escapes me at the moment, but should be easy enough
to find).  They seem to have done it "right".

[Instead of outright rejecting posts, they are stored until the consent
comes back... no consent after a timeout and they are dumped.]

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