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Re: "dselect" replacement team

On Apr 13, Ian Jackson wrote

> >   2) The code is -NOT- documented. There are no comments, no description
> >      files, function headers -NOTHING-. It would take a person several
> >      days at least to mearly deduce what each funtion does, let alone
> >      how they interact.
> If you can't understand the code as written then you shouldn't be
> hacking it, because you're not good enough.
> You certainly shouldn't even _think_ of replacing it.

Ian, please don't be that conservative.  If no one should be
allowed to change anything in the code, and this is what I read
in your most recent mails, then Debian can't be based on dpkg

If you are the only person who can maintain this, we're fully dependent
on you - and you DON'T have time to code right now.  The whole beast
dpkg+dselect has many, many advantages, but there are far too many
bugs and unsupported features in it that we can keep it in this

There are enough things that have to be changed.  It would help
Debian a lot more if you would help those people who decided to
work on it.



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