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Re: "dselect" replacement team

> > > This is a mistaken assumption, and since you're talking about the most
> > > low-level tool in the debian arsenal, this is a big issue.  C++ would
> > > be a mistake.
> > You do know that dselect is already in C++, right? Since this is a dselect
> > replacment project I wonder if that's really an issue?
> Then why do I keep hearing stuff about rewriting dpkg?

Not "dpkg", but "dpkglib".  Eventually, I would like this tool to make
the existing dpkg obsolete and basically take its place.  This is an

The first order of business is to creating a smooth working user interface.
This will most likely read data files and call the existing dpkg to do
the actual installation.  As the tool develops, it will depend less and
less on dpkg until it can completely replace it.

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