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Re: Critical bug: lprm fails

> If it's not already on the list, I think the lprm bug (bug #8689, #8438,
> #7611, #7589, #6085) should definitely count as critical.
> It's an important subsystem that's broken.

I agree and sent a mail some months ago to debian-devel (is the lpr
maintainer listening?)

The reason for this misbehaviour lies somewhere in rmjob.c where
the FQDN is compared with the hostname, which always fails.
[This was originally meant as security fix].
I was too lazy to fix lpr (not being the maintainer); the hostname
is written somehow into the spool-control file, while the FQDN is
queried in the usual way (AFAIR); I reverted lpr in the end to 5.9-11.

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