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dpkg in C++?

"Brian C. White" <bcwhite@verisim.com> writes:
> >   6) C++ anyone? :>
> Yes.


If you go with C++ for all of this, you will be limiting dpkg & co.'s
portability to new platforms dramatically.

For instance, for quite some time g++ simply did not work on the
Alpha.  Period.  If we had had it together enough to try a port at
that time, and dpkg was all in C++, we'd have been totally out of

Not to mention the executable bloat issues, the fact that C++ as a
language is still in flux, and the fact that while gcc is considered a
bang-up C compiler, it's C++ support is not so whiz-bang.

Look, I think OO code is a worthy goal that will make everyone's life
simpler, but you can do OO in C just fine.

Please reconsider this.


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