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Re: glibc

On Apr 30, David Engel wrote
> As for timezone and wg15-locale, we can either remove them and replace
> them with the new timezones and locales packages or we can rename the
> new packages to match the old ones.  The latter option would require
> using epochs to handle the version number discontinuity.  I chose the
> former option when I made the first glibc packages because epochs
> weren't reliably supported at the time.  Unfortunately, unless I'm
> mistaken, the dpkg-dev tools don't allow some packages to use epochs
> and others to not if they are built from the same source.  So adding
> epoch's to the timezone and wg16-locale packages would also require
> adding epochs to the libc6* packages.

Hmm. What's wrong with having the new packages recplace/conflict the old
ones? IMHO, we shouldn't use epochs unless they're really needed. And after
all, the source base *has* changed, so I think it's fitting the binary
package names change too.


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