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Comments on copyright !

Hi !

I want to make sure that I'll do the Right Thing :-)

Does this license allow afbackup to go into the main
distribution. IMHO according to current policy: yes.

Comments ? Or spelling corrections :-/

>License agreement partners
>Albert Fl"ugel, author of the afbackup-software,
>providers and distributors of the Debian Linux distribution.
>The Debian Linux Distribution is the collection of the Linux
>base operating system, system services, auxiliary programs,
>administration and other tools together with applications
>provided by Debian as a package of the kind commonly known
>under the term Linux distribution.
>Distributing afbackup on any media together with the Debian
>Linux Distribution is allowed without any restriction as long
>as no special additional charge is put on it except for copying
>efforts. The effort for copying the software or manufacturing
>the media may be priced in any way and is not covered by this
>license. Nobody may charge anybody else for the afbackup-soft-
>ware itself. The software has to be shipped together with the
>Debian Linux Distribution but needs not to be on the same media
>as the Linux operating system or another part of it.
>(Free) Support
>Albert Fl"ugel will try to give free support for the software
>as far as possible and reasonable due to time and workload
>limitations. He cannot grant this support however.
>It is permitted to charge users of the software for support
>and helpline services. People purchasing support and helpline
>services for money must be made known to the author (Albert
>Fl"ugel, af@zn.ruhr-uni-bochum.de). The same applies for those
>people or companies selling the support. An email to the named
>address containing support client or vendor is sufficient to
>fulfil this license agreement. Albert Fl"ugel is not giving
>free support to people or companies having a commercial support
>relation with someone else. He will neither give free support
>for this software to people or companies charging others for
>support of it. Conditions for commercial support from Albert
>Fl"ugel must be negotiated seperately.
>This license is valid for the actual and all following releases
>of afbackup until explicitely retracted from a certain (not yet
>existing) version on. It is valid also for all other Linux
>distributions basing on the Debian Linux Distribution.

Christian Meder, email: christian.meder@utoronto.ca

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