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Re: Bug#8350: vi mode in ae doesn't work (with patch)

> > Many new users of Debian and Linux would need to go get a book on vi to be
> > able to use ae if that were it's default configuration. I guess I see no
> > real advantage to the base disk configuration of ae being vi like. I am,
> > however, willing to be convinced.
> >
> > What does the rest of the group think?
> It wouldn't cost much to add a vi shell script to the boot disks:
> #!/bin/sh
> exec ae -f vi.config "$@"
> If vi can be so short, I don't see any problem with putting it on the
> boot disks.  And I'd even find it useful!

this sounds like the perfect compromise to me!

it's probably not anywhere near as good as vi (i'll have to play with it
when i get a copy of the updated ae package) but as long as the basic
vi commands are there and as long as it "feels" like vi then it'll be a
winner (and cheap too, at less than 50 bytes of disk space :-).


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