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FSSTND Questions regarding /usr/{,local}/{share,libexec}/ ?

The octave package defaults to using $PREFIX/libexec for its version of the
info pager, and $PREFIX/share for binary-independent files (such as all the
matlab-alike .m files). I have two questions related to this :

 * I currently use both 'as is'. Now, /usr/share seems to be used by other 
   packages so I guess that's fine. But shall I change /usr/libexec/octave/ 
   to /usr/lib/octave (this directory already exists) as eg the emacs 
   package does?

 * The default for site-local files is $PREFIX/share/octave/site/m/  Because
   Debian uses PREFIX=/usr, this is not below /usr/local as it should be.
   I intend to change this as a run-time option. [1] Now, shall I set
	/usr/local/share/octave/site-m		(new use of share)
   or to
	/usr/local/lib/octave/site-m		(a la emacs,perl,tex,...)
   I like /usr/local/share better as these are indeed binary-independent

Thanks in advance for any comments. 

[1] Octave honours the environment variable LOADPATH as well as its own 
    variable LOADPATH from the global octaverc or the local ~/.octaverc file 
    thanks to the kpathsea library that was initially written for TeX and

 Dirk Eddelb"uttel    edd@poboxes.com    http://www.netforward.com/poboxes/?edd

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