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Re: initial boot setup (LILO/MBR)

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Sven Rudolph wrote:

> I didn't find a design for making the system bootable that matches all
> cases.
> Currently LILO is installed into the root partition and MBR is
> installed in the MBR. But MBR can only boot from the primary
> partitions of the first disk.

You can fix this by installing lilo into the MBR of the extended partition
that Linux resides in and making the extend partition bootable, I do that
on one of my machines, the partition table looks like:

hda1 - Primary Win95
hda2 - Extended partition with
  hda5 - Extended Win95
  hda6 - Linux boot
  hda7 - Linux swap
  hda8 - Linux extended

Lilo is installed in hda2 and is configured to choose Win95 or Linux, the
primary MBR is left unchanged. I used activate to select 2 as the boot

This would help with the undeseriablity of changing the MBR, and still
allow extended partitions to boot.

If someone has installed linux on a 2nd hd then you might still be able to
hijack the MBR of any extended partitions on the main disk for lilo's use.


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