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Re: "dselect" replacement team

On 14 Apr 1997, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> "Brian C. White" <bcwhite@verisim.com> writes:
> > > At this point, I'm not overly impressed with the direction this team
> > > seems to be heading---it seems to be more oriented towards the ivory
> > > tower ideal of "We'll use all the best possible tools", instead of the
> > > more utilitarian "We'll use the minimum of tools to get our work
> > > done".
> > 
> > <laugh out loud>
> > 
> > Let's see...
> > 
> >  - Friday night: 	team is put together
> >  - Saturday: 		deity list starts getting organized
> >  - Sunday:		some discussions on how to do things
> >  - Monday morning:	Mike complains that we're doing it all wrong
> > 
> > <laughing continues>
> Here's what I've heard from your lead coder so far:

I'm not the lead coder. Peter is. I don't make the Decsisions Tom, Peter
and I do and I'm being misquoted (again ;>)

I have been putting ideas out into the open about the low level future of
this project, Look at my description that Brian posted, is this not my
>  - He has said that he thinks the essential component of the Debian
> system should be rewritten from the ground up.

Never said that will happen, only that it makes sense at some point to
move it into a library which will likely require a rewrite.
>  - He has said he thinks it should be done in a language that isn't
> guaranteed to exist on platforms to which we might want to port
> Debian.

Yep, I said that. Brian Said that, Peter agree and Tom hasn't objected.
>  - He has complained that he finds the existing source hard to
> understand, when, for better or worse, it's all the documentation that
> exists.

I keep explaining this, I have no problems reading it, it is mearly not in
my style and would have been much better if it had more comments, read the
big long post I made on the subject please.
>  - He has posted wild allegations that dpkg is still written in perl,
> without apparently taking the time to look at the makefile and/or do
> `file /usr/bin/dpkg`

Heh I did too :> That was when I just unpacked the source and was starting
to examin it. An email popped in kind of in the middle of that, I
corrected my self in about oh 10 mins later. 

> Things I would have hoped to have heard, but haven't:
>  - Discussion of creating a test suite for the code, so that we can
> assure ourselves that new features work as advertised (thus avoiding
> another epochs fiasco), and that changes to the code don't break
> existing behavior.

Well you missed it (deity list), I already proposed a scheme to test some
of the very important functions of the new classlib without putting any
machines at major risk and benifiting everyone. I call it dpkg-url, we are
still talking about it so more on this later.


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