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Re: Debian for Power Macs.

On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, Vincent Renardias wrote:

> Is someone already working (or is interested and have the hardware) on a 
> port of Debian on Power Macs?
I've asked the same question a few weeks ago but let the thread sleep
during 'freeze'. I have a friend that uses linux for PMacs at work, both 
the native version, and the mklinux one, and is very interested in helping 
to port Debian to that architexture.

He works in an office with many PMacs and may set up a compilation
queue in five or six PMacs 6100 (with MKLinux), where we can send a source 
package for compilation, and get back the compiled version or errors list.
Once we have a good number of packages compiled he may provide the
resources to do the installation and testing part.

He may also take the responsibility of coordinate the porting effort.
His current job makes him spend a lot of his time configuring and
improving his Linux boxes, so, he can use a lot of his time to
work on debian for ppc.

How many of us are interested on working on this port? (IIRC we have a 
member of the mklinux team subscribed to debian-devel, that showed their 
interest on having someone to lead a debian for ppc port, for them to 
concentrate on improving the kernel). 
Hey, we can make Debian _the_ Linux distribution for PMacs! :-)

Enrique Zanardi					ezanardi@noah.dfis.ull.es
Dpto. Fisica Fundamental y Experimental
Univ. de La Laguna

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