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Re: Bug#8350: vi mode in ae doesn't work (with patch)

'Dale Scheetz wrote:'
>With reguard to making ae "look like" vi I have mixed feelings. For those
>familiar with unix and who know how to use vi (like myself) don't
>necessarily "want" all editors to behave that way. Personaly I prefer
>modeless opperations in an editor. I prefer "point and shoot" editing
>rather that keys to get into and out of the various edit modes available.
>Many new users of Debian and Linux would need to go get a book on vi to be
>able to use ae if that were it's default configuration. I guess I see no
>real advantage to the base disk configuration of ae being vi like. I am,
>however, willing to be convinced.
>What does the rest of the group think?

It wouldn't cost much to add a vi shell script to the boot disks:

exec ae -f vi.config "$@"

If vi can be so short, I don't see any problem with putting it on the
boot disks.  And I'd even find it useful!

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