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Re: How free is free?

> ..The  Artisitic  license meets the needs of most end users; a com-
> mercial license and support is available for users  and institutions 
> that  require it...

I haven't looked at lprng myself, but this bit seems clear enough; the
"Artistic" license is Larry Wall's creation for perl, that's free in a
slightly different way than the GPL but more importantly is an
*additional* distribution option, *not* a constraint.  Likewise, the
second phrase says commercial support is *available* for those who
need it; that also doesn't constrain the fact that it is free under
the GPL.   As for qt, saying it is "free" is vague; it is "free of
charge" certainly, but that's not what the gpl (or the debian non-free
category) is about.

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