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Re: Bug reports and fixes should be reported upstream

Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> writes:

> I just approved the following posting to comp.os.linux.announce
> (this is an excerpt only):
> 	From: aeb@win.tue.nl (A.E. Brouwer)
> 	Subject: one more cfdisk + complaint about Debian etc.
> 	Followup-To: comp.os.linux.misc
> 	Date: Wed Apr 30 09:05:41 EEST 1997
> 	After announcing that I had fixed all bugs in cfdisk
> 	known to me, people immediately reminded me that more
> 	cfdisk problems lie hidden in the bug archives for
> 	various distributions.

A.E. Brouwer maintains fdisk3.  He's never expressed a desire to
maintain the old fdisk2 or cfdisk out of util-linux.  One day he has
an idle moment and decides to release an updated cfdisk.  Surprise!
The masses are grateful and point him to some other cfdisk bugs.  So
he chides them for lacking the precognition to tell him about the
problem before he made the release.

> The Debian maintainer of the package should forward bugs and fixes
> to the upstream maintainer.

The Debian maintainer?  That would me!  What a slacker I am for not
forwarding a bug that was filed three days ago.


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