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Bug reports and fixes should be reported upstream

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I just approved the following posting to comp.os.linux.announce
(this is an excerpt only):

	From: aeb@win.tue.nl (A.E. Brouwer)
	Subject: one more cfdisk + complaint about Debian etc.
	Followup-To: comp.os.linux.misc
	Date: Wed Apr 30 09:05:41 EEST 1997
	After announcing that I had fixed all bugs in cfdisk
	known to me, people immediately reminded me that more
	cfdisk problems lie hidden in the bug archives for
	various distributions.
	[General complaint: I maintain several packages like
	man, man-pages, kbd, mount, fdisk, perhaps patch -
	and hope to hear about problems.  Unreported problems
	will not be fixed, and if they are only fixed in RedHat
	or Debian or so, they will have to be fixed again when
	a new version is released.
      * I am not willing to spend my time searching bug archives
      * before releasing new versions, or looking at RedHat rpm's
      * to see whether there are any patches, and if so, to guess
      * what purpose these patches might have.]
His complaint is valid. Upstream developers should not have to
browse Debian bug lists. The Debian maintainer of the package
should forward bugs and fixes to the upstream maintainer. I
assume most do this, but it may be good to remind everyone
of this.

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