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Re: Bug#8350: vi mode in ae doesn't work (with patch)

On Sat, 5 Apr 1997, Fabrizio Polacco wrote:

> Fabrizio Polacco wrote:
> > 
> > Also, the .macro_define lines doesn't work and locks the editor (needs
> > to kill from a different console).
> I've played with sourced and fixed it using this patch (using ver. -12)

Thank you so much for the patch!

> +++ ae-962/key.c
> @@ -157,7 +157,7 @@
>                         /* Find rhs if present. */
>                         if (rhs != (char *) 0
> -                       && (array[count].rhs = encode(token)) == (char *) 0) {
> +                       && (array[count].rhs = encode(rhs)) == (char *) 0) {
>                                 error = f_config;
>                                 goto error1;
>                         }
This was all it took, huh? The best patches are the smallest ones ;-)
It will be in the next release.

> Therefore I've completed the vi-like config file to use the largest 
> subset of the vi commands (without modifying the sources :-)
> I attach it to this, gzipped and uuencoded.
Thanks, I'll include it in the docs files at the very least.

> I've seen that you'we got a patch (much better than mine) to fix the 
> +num option bug and I apologize for having repeated my suggestion (I 
> missed Mark Baker's post).

More like a minor code rewrite than a patch ;-) but it was one I could
understand and it got to me first.

> But I insist that would be a very nice thing to have a way to call ae 
> with the vi-like config in the installation disks, and calling it "vi" 
> seems to me "logic"  :-)
> What do you think, Dale?

Well, it's not so much what I think, as what the development community
expects from ae.

It seems that I have been adding patches lately that add functionality to
ae. I have been willing to continue this, because it improved the
integration of the product into the system. This is a base system tool,
and as such is important in ways that don't have to do with being a "good"
"general" editor. The intention is to give minimalist tools during
installtion so that minor necessary changes can be accomplished while
installing the system.

With reguard to making ae "look like" vi I have mixed feelings. For those
familiar with unix and who know how to use vi (like myself) don't
necessarily "want" all editors to behave that way. Personaly I prefer
modeless opperations in an editor. I prefer "point and shoot" editing
rather that keys to get into and out of the various edit modes available.
Many new users of Debian and Linux would need to go get a book on vi to be
able to use ae if that were it's default configuration. I guess I see no
real advantage to the base disk configuration of ae being vi like. I am,
however, willing to be convinced.

What does the rest of the group think?

Waiting is,

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