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Re: buildpackage as non-root (was: Re: architecture specific upload announcements)

The pretest gnutar has --chmod and related options (Ken Raeburn
implemented them after some discussion of this problem for a different
software release, though we discussed the debian problem at the
time...)  The "classic" argument has been that since you need root to
install a package, what's the big deal about needing it to build the
package; this is because it is assumed that the builder is *at least*
going to install and minimally-test the package on his own system.
While I don't agree with the conclusion [I'd *much* rather not give
package-build tools root access when they *really* don't need it], I
*do* agree that an automated-remote-build system has a major problem
in this regard, namely that the person who understands the package
*hasn't* installed the one that they're uploading...

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