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Re: "hello? ping! ping!", plus "my wish list", plus "democracy sucks" (fwd)

[ The message I'm replying to was sent to debian-changes, I suppose
  this should have been debian-devel ]

CoB SysAdmin (Joe Emenaker) <jemenake@lab.busfac.calpoly.edu> wrote:
|Personally, my vote (for what it's worth) would be for something akin to what 
|menuconfig" gives you're configuring the kernel source. The problem here is th
|ncurses-dev (one of the things it requires) is about 700K; clearly not worth i
|t. But
|how big is a compiled version? Granted, you'd probably need to put ncurses in 
|dist... but it would be *so* nice. <shrug>

Right (about the general wish).  I have a tiny deja-vue of the short
encounters I have with Windows when I run dselect and have to wade
through long lists of packages instead of being able to go stright to
sections which interest me.  (But don't get me wrong, I appreciate
VERY much the work which was/is done on dselect)

|	have been made to the new version. How about an option to see the outpu
|t of a
|	`diff conffile conffile.dpkg-new`?

ME TOO! :-) I suggested this about 6 months ago and though there was a
positive response, nothing was done about this.

| o Going further with that idea, is there any interest in possibly adding the 
|	tionality to use diff to find the changes made to the previously distri
|	config file and then use patch or some other tool to make those mods to
| the new
|	config file. The place where this would be most helpful is with the bas
|	package, where both the installed and distributed copies are almost gua
|ranteed to
|	contain entries that aren't in the other. Every time I update base-pass
|wd, I either
|	have to do alternating "diff passwd passwd.dpkg-new" and "vi passwd" un
|til the diff
|	comes up with nothing new in the dpkg-new version, or I'll 
|	"cat passwd.dpkg.new >> passwd" and then use vi to cut/paste the new en
|	Blech! It would be *sooooo* nice to have a utility that would just do s
|ome sort
|	of diff/patch magic. I'd be willing to work on this with someone if the
| idea sounds
|	doable....

As for /etc/passwd in particurlar - I think a special script to find
changes in "system accounts" (e.g. passwords added, uid's changed) is
the right thing.  The "local" accounts can be retained by such a
specialised script.

I too would like to see the changes suggested by Joe.

Another thing - mauybe have "dpkg --changes" to run through the system
directories and tell you which config files have old/new versions
(.dpkg-new and .dpkg-old files).  Something a-la "find /usr /var /etc
... -name "*.dpkg-old -o -name "*.dpkg-new" | "some filter to print
file names nicely"



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