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Re: Criteria for experimental uploads

Here's what I think we need:

experimental - for stuff that is for very limited consumption,
  like what Manoj wants

unstable - where uploads land after being taken out of Incoming.
  Packages will stay here and not make the transition to
  the tested/frozen/stable, unless the maintainer/developer
  feels it is ready to be injected into the wide distribution.
tested - packages that have passed a peer review process,
  and will form the basis of the next release.  So we would need
  a seperate process other than simply uploading a package for
  it to make the transition from unstable to tested -- preferably
  initiated by package maintainer.  Bug-fixes and enhancements
  may be uploaded.

frozen - the "beta" of a new release.  Packages make the transition
  from tested to frozen when a freeze occurs.  Only bug-fixes may
  be uploaded.

stable - released packages.  Only security related bug-fixes may
  be uploaded.

What we lack now is the intermediate "tested" step.  Once a 
developer uploads something to unstable, it will automatically get 
dumped into stable and pressed onto thousands of CD's -- even if
it isn't ready.  

The status quo isn't a problem for the attentive maintainers out
there, since they will notify Guy which of their packages aren't
ready for prime time, and he can remove them from frozen.  But
not everyone has the time or inclination to be an "attentive
maintainer", so lots of packages slip through the cracks and get
put into stable when they really shouldn't be.

That's what I think anyways...


 - Jim  

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