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Re: FSSTND Questions regarding /usr/{,local}/{share,libexec}/ ?

  Christian> We'll have to get out 1.3 first before changing our policy!

  Brian>  Absolutely.

Just for the record: I never said we should. I was just asking for comments
regarding the layout of the octave package.

If I make another release of it before 1.3 (which is quite possible), I'll
roll /usr/libexec back to /usr/lib, but I'll keep /usr/share and
/usr/local/share as the comments were supportive.

Otherwise, adopting the FHS with the next set of policy rules for the next
release seems like a Good Thing.

 Dirk Eddelb"uttel    edd@poboxes.com    http://www.netforward.com/poboxes/?edd

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