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Re: bash-isms in packages

On Apr 22, Justus Pendleton wrote
: Unfortunately, I could find nothing in debian-policy (the
: most recent I found) that says anything about bash being required.
: Of course, it is required...but only because the maintainer gave it
: that priority.

And I think, it's ok.  Should we stay on the old V7 /bin/sh, only to
keep _all_ /bin/*sh* users happy?  

Just understand bash as YET ANOTHER SCRIPTING LANGUAGE ... like perl,
awk, TCL, ... 

: Circumventing the sh link isn't all that bad.  I've been doing it for a
: while now and all of the problems that arose were because people used
: bash-isms.  In it's current state, trying to completely remove bash from

These bash-isms make at least some programmers live somewhat easier.

Probably it should be suggested/recommended/enforced, that every
bash-ism using script starts with ``#! /bin/bash'' rather then 
with ``#! /bin/sh''

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