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Debian mirrors

Currently we have the following mirrors with www.<country>.debian.org
  France Israel Spain US(Georgia)
with Japan coming soon. The plan for a German mirror seems to have died
when Dominik left.

The following ftp.<country>.debian.org mirror sites exist:
  Israel Japan US(Georgia)
with Japan coming soon.

It would be nice if we could expand this list. It would be good for Debian
to have mirrors like this spaced throughout the globe. I'm
looking for sites in the following areas:
  Australia, South America, Africa, western US, Asia
I don't know what the connectivity is like in Europe so there may be need
for one in northern Europe (Scandinavia) or Eastern Europe.

About becoming a mirror with a Debian address:

In order to qualify as a mirror with a www.<country>.debian.org or
ftp.<country>.debian.org domain name we are requiring the following:

1. The site must be reliable and be up 24 hours a day. The machine must
   not be heavily loaded.
2. It must have a decent connectivity (relative to the respective country).
   Bandwidth equivalent to a T1 connection or better is prefered.
3. for ftp: the debian ftp hierarchy must be available under /debian
4. for www: a real virtual server with its own IP address. If possible
            the list and bug archives should be online too.
5. for www: cgis are run centrally on cgi.debian.org
6. disk space commitments:
            2+GB for www (includes list and bug archives),
            3+GB for ftp
   (Gives some breathing room. Debian is growing fast)

If you can not make such a large commitment of resources, you can still
become a regular mirror. Simply contact Mike Neuffer <mike@i-Connect.Net>
about a mirror account. Even better, mirror the closest debian.org mirror
(contact the sys admin of the machine. See the mirror list at
ftp://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/doc/mirrors.txt).  Don't forget
to send mail to Karl Ferguson <karl@tower.net.au> asking to be
put on the mirror list.

- Sue

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