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Re: "dselect" replacement team

Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> wrote:
|Considering it is designed to replace Dselect I think it would be text
|mode -- slang, curses etc.

I hope that you'll separate the front-end from the back-end (the
library which actually calculates dependancies, reads the databases,
installs software).  That way more front-ends will be possbile to be
added later on, and still share the core logic in one shared library.
I'm not talking just about little utilities, but a (C++ classes?)

For instance, I'd like to have a utility to find out the dependancie
tree among current/available packages without going into dselect, a
Mesa-GL/VRML interface to visualize the packages (imagive walking in
3D and seeing the connections, touching packages to modify their
status :) or god knows what other utilities can exploit this logic.

(Wish I had time to contribute to this effort (e.g. would love to
implement a DFS tree for the dep. calcs just once), apologies for
being a back-sit driver :-(


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