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Re: architecture specific upload announcements

Enrique Zanardi <ezanardi@noah.dfis.ull.es> writes:

> Perhaps it may help if we turn into policy the way that many people
> here construct their subject lines: "Uploading _package_
> (_architecture_)" or better: "(_architecture_) _package_ uploaded to
> {master,chiark,whatever}"

Sure that would help, but, let's say sometime in the future when all
the ports are further along than they are now, a maintainer releases
his package.  You wouldn't have 1 upload announcement, but 5, all on
the same list, and the only[1] thing differing between them would be
the architecture field.  Is that really a "good" thing?

[1] Obviously some other stuff would change, like file size, md5sum
    and whatever, but for human readers the only real change would be
    the Architecture: field.

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