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Re: Feature-Request list for dpkg

[cc: me, as I havn't been able to read the lists in a while ]

I was going through the debian-devel archive and I saw your post on the
feature request list for dpkg.  I suggested a while ago that we have a
reason field for why a package either reccomends, suggests a package. 
Why?  because for a person will be able to override a reccomends, or a
suggests, so we want to give him some info why he would want it (or why
he wouldn't want it).  With this info, instead of seeing 
xanim suggests mime-support

we would see,

xanim suggests mime-support
To get xanim to automatically register itself with your machine, so
programs like netscape can use it automatically, it is suggested that
you install mime-support along with xanim.

This can make dselect so much more user friendly in the conflict
resolution screen, it's not funny.

so what do people think.


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