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Re: glibc

I'm copying this to debian-devel since it should receive at least some
discussion there.

On Apr 30, Guy Maor wrote
> What packages should be removed from hamm now that glibc is there?  I
> suppose just timezone, localebin, and wg15-locale?

localebin should definitely be removed.

As for timezone and wg15-locale, we can either remove them and replace
them with the new timezones and locales packages or we can rename the
new packages to match the old ones.  The latter option would require
using epochs to handle the version number discontinuity.  I chose the
former option when I made the first glibc packages because epochs
weren't reliably supported at the time.  Unfortunately, unless I'm
mistaken, the dpkg-dev tools don't allow some packages to use epochs
and others to not if they are built from the same source.  So adding
epoch's to the timezone and wg16-locale packages would also require
adding epochs to the libc6* packages.

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