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Re: "hello? ping! ping!", plus "my wish list", plus "democracy sucks"

amos@dsi.co.il (Amos Shapira)  wrote on 25.04.97 in <[🔎] 199704250336.GAA00225@birnam.dsi.co.il>:

> CoB SysAdmin (Joe Emenaker) <jemenake@lab.busfac.calpoly.edu> wrote:

> |	have been made to the new version. How about an option to see the outpu
> |t of a
> |	`diff conffile conffile.dpkg-new`?
> ME TOO! :-) I suggested this about 6 months ago and though there was a
> positive response, nothing was done about this.

Make that a diff -us.

> As for /etc/passwd in particurlar - I think a special script to find

... that should really handled by the base-passwd package, and I believe  
it's being worked at.

MfG Kai

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