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Re: "dselect" replacement team

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Please, try using S-Lang for the character-oriented GUI rather than
> ncurses. It seems to be more straightforward and easier to program, so
> far, and it's a lot smaller.

When Brian had got the group together I was going to suggest it (I
volunteered to help), I have been generally quite happy with what I have seen 
done with slang (JED :>). It's basically one of the few programs on my
system that has colour <wow>.

Also I was going to suggest that the 'new' dselect use the same look as
the install scripts for consistancy. If we could then work a similar
scheme for the adduser prompting that would be good to.

> I've actually looked at switching the boot floppies to use s-lang rather
> than ncurses, and it looks as if it would save a lot of space. I haven't
> done anything about it yet.

If someone would replace that dialog program that alot of scripts use with
something faster/better that would also be nice, modconf is horribly slow
on my 486 -- almost unusable on the 486/33 and 386/40 I stuck Debian on.
The install screens are also pretty bad for redraw times. (Same program?)


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