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Re: FSSTND Questions regarding /usr/{,local}/{share,libexec}/ ?

Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> ... I was just asking for comments regarding the layout of the octave
> package.
> If I make another release of it before 1.3 (which is quite possible),
> I'll roll /usr/libexec back to /usr/lib, but I'll keep /usr/share and
> /usr/local/share as the comments were supportive.

I count 27 packages in bo using /usr/share and only one using

Therefore my comment is to keep /usr/share, but to roll back to
/usr/lib. (although libexec is not forbitten by fsstnd, AFAIK)

For /usr/local/share, just follow new policy in building dirs under
/usr/local (mkdir them in postinst ignoring errors, if I remember well).

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