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Re: Comments on copyright !

On Apr 26, Guy Maor wrote
> bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens) writes:
> > My opinion is that software that is free only with Debian is not free
> > software. It should go into non-free, please.
> The policy manual says differently:
> (From section 2.1)
> It must be possible for anyone to distribute and use modified source
> code and their own compiled binaries, at least when they do so as part
> of a Debian distribution.

I'm still puzzled what to do :-/

The facts as I see them:

* current policy allows afbackup to be part of the main dist

* Bruce proposed a few weeks ago to change the policy from free only
with Debian to completely free. This was discussed shortly, there
wasn't a final decision, time moved on ...

My questions:

* Will the policy be changed with respect to this problem ? Did I miss
the final decision ?

* If yes, could somebody notify Christian Schwarz (hi, namesake :-)
and propose a new text for the policy ?

Thanks for clarifications !



Christian Meder, email: christian.meder@utoronto.ca

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