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Re: backup program

Hi Tim!

On Apr 16, Tim Sailer wrote
> Has anyone used afbackup, a client/server backup system? I may package this
> up as a debian package if no one else is doing it.

I have made a debian package for my local use and it's running just
fine. If you are interested I will polish it a little bit up and
upload it in experimental. 

There are still a couple of things which have to be solved before
inclusion in the distribution:

* I'm not sure about the copyright:

>This software comes under the GNU-GPL. Any terms covered
>by this file conflicting with the GPL override those of the
>GPL. This file or parts of it must not be removed from the

>Any non-commercial organization may use, distribute and
>modify this software without any limitation. Commercial
>companies or organizations are not allowed to distibute
>this software or use it within products or other software
>they are selling or distributing, even if no charge is made.
>Exceptions from this can be requested from me personally.
>If a commercial company or organization would like to
>redistribute this, please drop me an email and we can
>talk about it.

>The server side of this backup system must not be ported
>to any Microsoft-based "operating-system". 

Opinions ?

* the fsstnd isn't followed: the installation wants to occupy 
./afbackup/client/{var,lib,bin}. Configuration in lib, logs in var,
binaries in bin. It seems to be hardcoded after a quick look in the
source. I want to ask the upstream author if he can change
it. Otherwise my only idea is to use symlinks.

* the documentation isn't very exhaustive, some binaries are

Probably I will email the author raising this questions.


Christian Meder, email: christian.meder@utoronto.ca

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