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bo's "packages" file still points at "unstable"?


I've just tried dselect'ing a few packages from ftp.debian.org
(suspected my local mirror isn't up-to-date) and got "No such file or
directory" when ran "install" in the FTP method:

getting: unstable/binary-i386/net/tkined_1.3.4-2.deb (99310)
unstable/binary-i386/net/tkined_1.3.4-2.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: unstable/binary-i386/net/scotty_2.0.2-4.deb (1074044)
unstable/binary-i386/net/scotty_2.0.2-4.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: unstable/binary-i386/net/snmp_3.2-2.deb (117136)
unstable/binary-i386/net/snmp_3.2-2.deb: No such file OR directory.

Maybe bo's Packages file should be updated to contain "frozen" as the
"root" directory?



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