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1.3 install report

I've just installed a complete Debian 1.3 system from scratch on a 
nice dual PPro 150 system. These are the problems I found:

[1] When doing an [A]cess in dselect, I've got error messages from 
the shell about a find command with bad syntax. This doesn't prevent 
choosing the right acces method. I have been using the mounted method.

[2] Texinfo is still in bo and is selected by default (I think). 
Texinfo will have to be removed in order to have tetex installed. The 
texinfo package should be removed from bo as its functionality is 
implemented by tetex-base.

[3] Tetex-bin and tetex-base both provide the /usr/lib/texmf/dvips/con
fig directory.

[4] The yp package references mawk directly instead of awk. That is, 
one cannot remove mawk for gawk.

[5] There's still xcontrib which depends on X11R6. This bug has been 
here for ages...

Other than that, the boot disks when ok, and after a blazingly fast 
kernel recompile, SMP seems to be working perfectly ! I had a few 
lockups though, digging the problem right now.


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