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Re: Can we upload binaries using libc6 to hamm yet?

On Apr 24, Mark Shuttleworth wrote
> The biggest mistake Debian could make would be to try and be all things to
> all people.  The decision has been taken that hamm will be libc6 based,
> and all effort should be focused on making that happen.  Rather than try
> and support both libc5 and libc6,  the energies of so many developers
> would best be spent on the update.
> Here's a proposal:
>   1.  Some developers volunteer to build bo-fixes as they're required.
>       They keep their development systems on stable. Typically these would
>       be relatively new recruits such as myself,  on a pool basis,  who
>       are just going to build packages from source that the maintainer has
>       provided a source fix to.  So bo-fixes is handled by them.
>   2.  Developers who are going to provide packages for hamm take the
>       plunge and move to libc6 as soon as it is available after bo goes
>       gold.  If a security bug is found in their bo package they supply
>       a source fix to one of the volunteers above.
> If many packages are simply a recompile away,  these can also be done by
> volunteers.  I'd say that packages should not be allowed into hamm if they
> depend on libc5,  so there will be a need for a rash of rebuilds from bo
> to hamm.

This all sounds reasonable to me.

> This sort of switch is never easy,  and it could easily happen every two
> years.  To try and support multiple build environments will just make the
> painful period more painful and longer.


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