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Re: Can we upload binaries using libc6 to hamm yet?

The ideal solution would have two versions each of libc5-dev and
libc6-dev - libc5-dev, libc5alt-dev, libc6-dev, and libc6alt-dev.
Appropriate conflicts would allow installations of only one -dev and
one alt-dev.

The only difference between the -dev and alt-dev is the location of
the files.  The alt-dev packages would install the headers in a
seperate directory, /usr/machinename [1], and seperate machine
definitions in /usr/lib/gcc-lib.  The alt-dev packages would also
provide gcc wrappers which set this different machine definition in

Most developers would then have libc6-dev and libc5alt-dev installed.
They would compile libc6 packages by default, but could compile libc5
packages by setting PATH so that the /usr/machinename/bin appeared
before /usr/bin.

Some developers, like Thomas, would install libc5-dev and
libc6alt-dev.  They would compile libc5 packages by default and have
to change their PATH to compile libc6 packages.

Is there something I'm unaware of that makes this totally impractical?

[1] Not actually machinename, but an appropriate name.


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