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Re: Bug#8313: 1.2.8 installation bombs out


Christian Hudon, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>The present situation is a bit confusing, with an 'important' package both
>conflicting and replacing (i.e. deinstalling) a 'required package. I got my
>system hosed trying to reinstall perl-base. Could the 'perl' package please
>be reworked so that is doesn't conflict with 'perl-base' but depends on it

Well, I've got that set but I have a problem.  As I related in an e-mail
to Sven Rudolph:

The current problem is that since perl 5.003.07-8 conflicts with
perl-base, yet perl 5.003.07-9 depends on perl-base, you have to install
both at the same time with perl first on the command line:
dpkg -i perl_5.003.07-9_i386.deb perl-base_5.003.07-9_i386.deb
This works since the conflicts of perl are overridden first and then the
dependencies are checked.  If you swap them, perl-base conflicts with
the earlier perl-base 5.003.07-8 and won't install at all.  In the
meantime perl 5.003.07-9 has installed but can't be configured since the
executable is in perl-base.

I've thought of a few ideas to get around this:
1) provide perl in perl-base.  This is a bad idea.  It might convince
   people and/or programs that perl is actually installed
2) conflict with perl so that it would be deinstalled.  Without an
   earlier than clause, it won't work at all.  Having an earlier than
   clause is explicitly a bad thing in the prog-doc which mentions that
   dpkg might get the order wrong.
3) Make the packages perl5 and provide perl.  This might be the only one
   that will actually work but I hesitate to make such a change during

Until I figure this out, I don't want to release Perl.  From the
commandline and in the right order, it works but that is a lot to ask of
users who normal do bulk installs.

Any ideas?  Klee, I've included you specifically since you've been
getting intimate with the dpkg source.  I need to know if there's a way
to do this that won't inflict -undue- pain on the users.

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