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Re: email addresses for Debian developers

> Jim Pick said:
> > Here's what we should do -- it would be much more general.
> > 
> > Create a debian developer database.  Use a relational database such
> > as Postgresql and put a web interface on it (PHP/FI?) so that the
> > developers can update it themselves.  Apache has a module that can
> > do /etc/passwd authentification -- so the database could be keyed
> > against our accounts on master.
> > 
> > Fields for the database:
> > 
> > Master account name:   key field, for internal use
> > E-Mail Address:        public info
> > First Name:            public info 
> > Last Name:             public info
> > Address:               (for internal Debian use, and maintainer
> >                         verification) - optionally public at
> >                         developer's discretion
> > Phone Number:          (internal use + verification) - optionally
> >                         public at developer's discretion
> > Web Site:              optional, public info
> > Country:               public info
> > Lat/Long:              optional, public info
> > Picon:                 optional, headshot in picon format, so we
> >                        can create our own picon database 
> Fabulous!  
> Dirk suggested we have up to 3 email addresses:
>  -- "nearest email address" -- host physically closest to one's abode
>  -- "effective email address" -- where one likes to receive his mail
>  -- "project email address" -- a unique key, to help matching names 
>                                to packages (eliminates the multiple
>                                email/name values in the Debian people list).
> Other:
> - I would rank myself near the bottom of the CGI and postgres
>    learning curve, so I couldn't do this very fast myself.  I will soon
>    be using mSQL however, if that's any help.
> + I'd be happy to help in some other way.

Cool.  I guess I've volunteered...   :-)

Both mSQL and postgresql are SQL engines, so if I stick to just plain
SQL, it's pretty portable.  Anyways, the data is basically a just a
flat file.  I think I'll try PHP/FI -- I don't know it,
but it's supposed to be simple and ideal for this sort of small
project. The big advantage of postgresql over mSQL is that it is free.
When I get a chance, I'll mock it up on my system.  I'm guessing that
it will take me about a day.  Then I'll have to get it installed on
master.debian.org I guess.

I won't be able to do this until next week at the earliest - I'm quite 
involved with some additions to dwww.  


 - Jim

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