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Re: bo's "packages" file still points at "unstable"?

amos@dsi.co.il (Amos Shapira) writes:

> I've just tried dselect'ing a few packages from ftp.debian.org
> (suspected my local mirror isn't up-to-date) and got "No such file or
> directory" when ran "install" in the FTP method:

It is correct on master, and has been for about a week.

master[~/debian/bo]$ grep Filename Packages  | head -10
Filename: frozen/binary-i386/x11/9fonts_1-4.deb
Filename: frozen/binary-i386/x11/9menu_1.4-6.deb
Filename: frozen/binary-i386/x11/9term_1.6.6-3.deb
Filename: frozen/binary-i386/x11/9wm_1.2-1.deb
Filename: frozen/binary-i386/web/CGI-modules_2.75-13.deb
Filename: frozen/binary-i386/text/a2gs_1.0-4.1.deb
Filename: frozen/binary-i386/admin/acct_6.2-4.deb
Filename: frozen/binary-i386/games/acm_4.7-5.deb
Filename: frozen/binary-i386/electronics/acs_021-2.deb
Filename: frozen/binary-i386/comm/adbbs_2.1-1.deb

I think ftp.debian.org is having connectivity problems.


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