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1.2 to 1.3 upgrade "report"

I today upgraded my Debian 1.2.9 system to the newest "frozen" version. This
is some sort of report on the upgrade...

I upgraded by downloading the new packages (on another system, with an old
version of dftp that supported this (3.0 doesn't)), and installing them in
small groups with dpkg.

All in all, the upgrade went very smoothly. Good work, folks!

One minor probably mostly cosmetic problem was that a couple of times when
some package upgrades ran ldconfig, it warned about a non-existent
"libdb.so". I think this happened only after I upgraded libdb1; in any case,
it went away after I had upgraded libdb1-dev too.

Then there was the svgalib1 -> svgalib-dummy1 replacing problem I talked
about on debian-user a few hours ago.

The small denial-of-service problem that I submitted a bug report about in
February is still there; I can kill my Debian system's xdm from a remote
machine, and even through some firewalls. See bug report #7195 for details.

I ran dselect after the upgrade, just for fun. For some reason, it showed
perl-base in its "New Required packages" section; but I do have the full
perl installed, of course...

Well, that's all, I guess. Things seem to work properly...

-=- Rjs -=- rjs@spider.compart.fi, rjs@lloke.dna.fi

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