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Re: Can we upload binaries using libc6 to hamm yet?

On Apr 24, Thomas Koenig wrote
> >I can sympathize with Thomas' situation, but let's be realistic.  How
> >many other developers will be in similar situations?  I doubt the
> >number will justify the work required to build the extra packages or
> >the confusion they will cause.
> ...
> R3:  Compiling Debian packages is impossible on a machine that
>      anybody is doing serious work on, because you need to break
>      compilation for everybody else while you do it.
> I detect more than a trace of single-user mindset here.

No, I am someone with a developer's mindset who accpets the fact that
undergoing a wholesale change like we are planning is going to cause
some disruptions.  It sounds to me like you are someone who wants a
mostly production system and just wants to dabble in Debian
development.  If so, perhaps you should wait until Debian 2.0 is
nearly completed before switching to it.

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